Wild Adverture in Fiber Arts 101


Instructor:  Ellen Ridenour

September 12, 19, 26 and Oct 10, 2019    6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Cost:  $70.00 with additional material Charge of $40.00 to be paid directly to Instructor 1st day of workshop.

We will be doing many interesting techniques and creating one of a kind scarves, fabric and samples that can be used in other forms of art. You will be doing 4 different scarves to keep or give away as gifts. Some of the Things we will be doing are.

1. Shibori: Clamped resist is a very wide field. You can use plastic, wood, or metal with clamps to resist dye on folded fabric, or use string in the well-known tie-dye. We will throw caution to the wind and play with string, rubber bands, blocks, marbles, and any number of found and brought items. We will also explore pole wrapping techniques.

2. ECO printing: Discover the creative art of Eco Printing! Spend a day playing with leaves and flowers learning to capture the unique qualities of plants on silk and cotton. We will use natural dyes and plant materials to make a lasting print on silk scarves and cotton cloth. Learn how to prepare your fabrics, what plants produce the best dyed prints. We will see how many colors we can get from an avocado. From Mauve to different shades by the exploring how PH, mordants and over dyeing work? We will also learn about Compost eco printing using leaves and compost things like tea, rotten leaves, coffee grounds, vegetable peelings LOL! we just don’t add the compost worms (I learned my lessons on that one) etc.

3. Rust Dying: See the impact that different metals like iron and copper pipes, old tin cans and rusty objects like nails and washers can make on the colors and patterns. This is a fairly easy technique and since rust or iron oxide is sometimes used as a mordant in and of itself, no mordant is required (mordants “fix” or make dye permanent). Rust will dye virtually any fiber, however, natural fibers like silk or cotton work best. I have done this on handmade papers too.  It is so much fun…

4. Old Cloth Dyes on new silk short scarves: This is what I learned at Ringling School of art and Design. This is awesome way to make some of the most interesting designs. I call them A design with an attitude.

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