Survive to Thrive Art Workshops starting Feb 23, 2019

Survive to Thrive art events will provide support for local women, men, and transgender of all backgrounds to speak their truths and survivorship about personal experiences with having been sexually assaulted or harassed in their lifetime.  Person’s ages 21 and over are asked to participate in a series of six expressive arts workshops and provide witness to their story of sexual trauma and personal growth. A community-based art exhibit centered on safe space and empowerment will culminate after the workshops and be on display to the public. Goals are to create a collective artistic community engineering a safe haven of support to allow for focus on moving away from survivorship towards thriving after sexual trauma with the removal of the stigma and shame associated with reporting sexual assault and harassment.

Believe and support survivors. It is radical and necessary to believe survivors. As stated by Sarah Ogden Trotta, a licensed psychotherapist, “We have absolutely nothing to lose by believing a survivor’s words, and a survivor has everything to gain through the experience of feeling trusted and validated. Even if the details seem confusing, we must stand firm in knowing that their account of sexual assault is rooted in truth.”


Kortney Malone, MPS, LMHC, Creative Arts Therapist and Visual Artist, will facilitate participants through a gestalt and trauma-informed practice of expressive art making, exhibition, and providing witness to our Michiana region. Emphasis will be on Art Hive theory where creating art collectively in a safe space creates a safe community. (7) Discussions about how participants display their artwork in the public and develop a safe space to speak their truths will also be processed in these workshops and during an opening reception at the Survive to Thrive exhibit.  34158

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